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Cat Tiltrotators for Compact Excavators

Caterpillar’s new TRS6 and TRS8 TiltRotate System (TRS) will bring tiltrotator capabilities to Cat Next Gen compact excavators. Using the TRS, users will be able to use a variety of attachments, including buckets, forks, grapples, brooms, and compactors.

TRS6 and TRS8 TiltRotate System

Cat says it is partnering with Rototilt in developing TRS, but that it added design elements that in part have lead to a significant decrease in dealer install time. A unique aspect to this particular tiltrotator design, Cat says, is its quick install time. Cat says it found that installing many tiltrotator models could take as many as 24-36 hours. It says the TRS6 and TRS will only require about four hours of install time.